Lokely is a platform to share places with friends

Who we are

We are a global team of people passionate about helping others explore the world in uniquely authentic ways. We believe there are endless discoveries all around us, at home, abroad, and around every corner that we want to unlock for our friends and community.

What we do

We build open communities where like-minded people can quickly and easily share recommendations about the places they've experienced around the world.

Why we do it

At Lokely, we believe people are the key to personalization. Our goal is to give you the best platform for sharing places with your friends, and let you do the rest :)

Lokely Team

Sean - CEO of Lokely

Sean Langton


Brian - COO of Lokely

Brian Milici


Sam - CTO of Lokely

Samuel Delesque


Ivan - Lead front-end engineer

Ivan Roth

App developer

Andy - Data architect

Andy Bowling

Data architect