Cocktails > Best bars in Brooklyn to enjoy cocktails en terrace

As the summer months fade and the leaves turn brown, these are the bars that you can make the most of the last of the sunshine before we descend into that house bound hell that is the New York winter.

The Lot Radio

“An independent online radio station live streaming 24/7 from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC.
Expect a continuous stream of the best and most varied music New York City has to offer.”
This spot is a great place to sit for an afternoon and stay into the night. Wine is cheap ($7 per glass or $30 per bottle) and beer is cheaper ($4 for a canned beer), during the day they also serve coffee and pastries.


Spuyten Duyvil

Cute little williamsburg bar with an extensive selection of exotic beers and one of the homiest, leafiest backyards in the
area. No food, but they do serve a light selection of meat and cheese if you happen to get peckish.


Photo Cred: @spuytenduyvilnyc 

Westlight at the William Vale

Sit on on the comfy lounge seating and take in the spectacular view of the manhattan skyline. Unlike many of NYC’s rooftop
bars the westlight still feels pretty unspoilt by tourists and douchebags and the drinks come in at fairly reasonable prices.


Photo Cred: @saverio_buizzi06  

Forest Point

What is Milk Punch? After being a semi-regular customer at Forest Point for years I still don’t fully understand what exactly
goes into this drink. According to the head bartender Gareth Howells, Milk Punch takes several days to make, and is sweetened and infused with various spices before milk curds are added. The end result is a meticulously strained clear drink with a taste quite like no other drink I’ve tasted. Grab one of the punches, and sit outside in their lovely leafy garden.


Casual cocktails in Clinton Hill don’t get much better than Doris. Reasonable prices and a good selection of booze, for a late night drunken snack it doesn't get much better than their grilled cheese sandwiches which come in a variety of flavours. The outdoor
patio has plenty of seating for big groups and even a ping pong table.