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If you want to check out multiple coworking spaces in NYC before settling on one, Croissant is perfect for you. It gives you access to dozens of the best coworking spaces in New York, for $249 per month (or less for part time access). Simply download the app and check in to any affiliated coworking spaces in San Fransisco, New York, Boston, Berlin, Washington or Los Angeles. Get your first free week on Croissant.


I personally love it because I was able to check into all my favorite coworking spaces I already used, and then pause my subscription when going traveling. Being a digital nomad you always seek the options that give you the most freedom, and this one definitely does.

This week I checked out the Brass Factory - it’s a new space in Williamsburg in a rehabilitated factory. It features tons of light in a minimalist open space with lots of plants and danish light design. The hosts are also extremely welcoming and introduced me to several members.


Another personal favorite is Rough Draft. It’s a small space in south Williamsburg. Although it doesn’t have a lot of seating options, the community is nice, and it’s conveniently open 9am-8pm. It also feels more intimate that the larger ones like WeWork, and it’s easier to mingle with like-minded creatives. If you need they also feature an in-house creative agency.


If you can’t work without a friendly cat companion (and you don’t want to have to own a cat yourself), or if you are just looking for a more homy feel, check out Nowhere Studios at the border of Bed Stuy and Crown Heights.

If you are looking to have more equipment such as manufacturing/3d printing etc, then consider New Lab at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn. The Navy Yard has tons of space and activities includes artist studios, rooftop gardens, manufacturing startups…


Further down, if you are based in Park Slope / Gowanus, check out the Yard. It just opened in October 2017.

If you want any more coworking recommendations - feel free to reach out to me on Lokely. I am currently based in Bed Stuy, New York but I travel around Euope all the time so stay tuned for more recommendations there.