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Over the ThCabrillo National Park anksgiving weekend the Lokely team had some friends and family visiting San Diego from across the country. Since we're locals in SD and as you can tell we love giving people the inside scoop on places they'll love around the world...we couldn't help ourselves even during the Holiday. No rest when it comes to exploring!


While we explored all over the city throughout the weekend, one of the most memorable and a consistent go-to for us was to take the family (kids included) up to Cabrillo National Park . If you've been to San Diego before you've probably strolled Sunset Cliffs , hiked Torrey Pinnes , or gone to the USS Intrepid. But my guess is you've never done it all in one morning. undefined

That's the best part about Cabrillo. It's all three in one nice, calm, uncrowded morning. Here's how: 

Getting there

Cabrillo National Park sits atop the end of Point Loma, which while beautiful can be tough to get to. You have to enter through the Point Loma Naval Base and there's only 1 road in and 1 road out. If you don't get there early and you try to go on a beautiful may be in a single lane of traffic for quite some time. Pro Tip: Go Early!

What to do first

Most people head right to the lighthouse or the museum, which are cool, but the gold is down at the tide pools. To get there take your first right hand turn down a long and windy cliff. When you get to the bottom there are two small parking lots that fill up pretty quick. We always park in the second one and then navigate our way down to stroll the pools (as beautiful as Sunset Cliffs but closer to the water). 

If you're an explorer - there is a famous cave that you can only get to on near negative low tides (check surfline) but it's been blocked off by rangers/wildlife signs lately. If it's not blocked off, when you get to the tide pools walk north along the rocks until you come to a hole in the side of the cliff and walk in. You'll know it when you see it. 

The Lighthouse

Once you've finished up your time down at the pools and you're ready for some spectacular view, wildlife information, and history...head up to the lighthouse. There's a small museum that shows how the historic light houses worked and you can even climb up the spiral staircases to check things out for yourself



Easy Strolls

All the trails are nice and easy, the breeze is amazing at the top of Point Loma, and the crowds are light (again go early!). 


Overall, we love swinging by Cabrillo to get some beautiful pictures, explore some wildlife, and get in those steps in between your more traditional/touristy San Diego activities. 


The Lokely Team