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Next time you’re in Colorado and especially if you’re in Boulder you have to make sure that you stop to check out Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m originally from the East Coast and so growing up we saw what we thought were mountains. We were wrong. The Rocky Mountains are in a whole league of their own.

If you’re a first timer like I was you’ll definitely want to swing by Estes Park. It’s known for being the gateway to the Rockies and it’s an easy drive from Boulder and you can jump right into elk, bears, and gorgeous landscapes.

In our first venture we’d heard from a family member that there were two must see trails so we decided to check them out. The first was the Emerald Lake Trail and we absolutely loved it. The elevation was something like 13,000ft. so be careful if you’ve never been up to altitude before. It was really accessible (not too hard to get to and back from) AND the views were incredible. We snapped some amazing pictures and then headed back in only a couple of hours.

The second lake they sent us too was Lost Lake Trail and it didn’t disappoint at all either. Lots of different options for all hiking abilities and views to match.

We were so impressed with the beauty of our first interaction with the Rockies and couldn’t believe how close everything was to Boulder.

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