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Ten years ago, vegans were lucky to find anything to eat at restaurants. Vegan tacos? Never. But these days there are so many Mexican options. Here are some of the best San Diego has to offer. 

La Taqueria Vegiee SD


photo credit: @wendyvdarling 

In San Diego’s South Park neighborhood, is proof that food trucks have some of the best eats around. The Adobada Vegan Taco (below) features a combo of wheat, barley, and rye and is seasoned to perfection with coriander, onion, and guacamole. 

Hugo's Cocina


photo credit: veganjeeper

If you’re looking for a relaxing spot, Hugo's Cocina in Ocean Beach is worth a try. Hugo’s has great service and a wide variety of vegan tacos (along with a lot of other classic Mexican food), including the Taquitos Soyrizo Taco and the Taquitos Tofu Taco. 

Ranchos Cocina


photo credit: @kaylamaciassoto 

Nopales tacos (below) are a classic Mexican vegan choice, and few places make them better than Ranchos Cocina. You may also want to try their quesadilla (vegan cheese, of course) with zucchini and corn as well as their eggplant enchilada.

City Tacos


photo credit: @tinisha_marie77

This place is always busy, but only because their food is so good. Try the Portobello taco (below), one of their best sellers. 

Pokez Mexican Restaurant


photo credit: @__prriscilla 

Talk about a funky, lively spot with great atmosphere and even better tacos. It says a lot that even with a full meat menu, most of the praise is for the vegan selections, like the potato flautas and tofu fajitas.

Whether you’re a San Diego local or just visiting the beautiful city, these vegan tacos are all worth your time.

There’s interest lately in “vegan tacos”—especially in LA, some in New York, but no such articles for San Diego, even though there’s a lot of interest in vegan, and a lot for tacos. The idea is if it’s so popular lately for LA, it may soon be for San Diego too.