Travel > Hike the Alta Via 2, Rifugio Treviso to Rifugio Passo Cereda; Stage 10

Tuesday, 11 July 2017. (Rifugio Treviso to Rifugio Passo Cereda; Stage 10)

Breakfast was the usual with the addition of patte packets and peanut butter for bread options. Deb and I got on the trail at 8:15am again.  For some reason my pack felt light today, which was nice.  The ffirst 40 minutes was chill in a forest with great views followed by an hr of steep uphill. Then, after the pass, the downhill was pretty steep for a bit. The trail then traversed for an hr +.  The spires/pillars were the coolest part of the day.  It was a shame to not climb any of them. Next time.


Following the traverse on the narrow goat trail, the trail dropped down into a forest for almost an hour, which was steep, then mellowed out. Deb and I finished in exactly 4hr 30min as the guidebook suggested for the stage, at 12:45pm.

Rifugio Passo Cereda is one of the nicest rifugios on the trail.  We got our own room with queen bed, balcony, and private bath.  Winning! It was the perfect spot to ditch the beard. It had to go so I could evenly tan my face, duh. My tan was bad enough with my knee pit sunburn. This rifugio also did not allow public WiFi, but the food is the best I've had.  Prosciutto with melon, gnocchi with speck ham (INCREDIBLE), and panna cotta.  Wine on tap for the win! 

Man, I couldn’t be more psyched for dinner. After looking at the guidebook for information on the remaining stages, it was a bit of an easy sell to Deb to switch our trip up and hit Venice instead.  Stage 11 starts out with a 4-hour uphill and we were both psyched to skip it. 

Deb and I leisurely got cleaned up and went for a walk around the small town.  There was a cool organic farm here as well as the largest rooster I've ever seen.  He had mad hens; at a boy! This small town (I mean SMALL) was also home to a kid’s camp and they definitely kept themselves entertained

Dinner was delicious. I had salad from a salad bar, meat dumplings with meat sauce, and half of the spinach gnocchi with speck.  I ended up not finishing as I was too full. I would pay an obscene amount of money to have that spinach gnocchi again. Looking back on our decision to not finish the Alta Via 2 with three stages to go, it would have been nice to finish it, but the romance of Venice was well worth it.

Until next time Alta Via 2. Stay forever beautiful!