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Thursday, 6 July 2017. (Rifugio Pisciadu to Rifugio Castiflioni; Stage 5)

This was the best sleep I've had yet.  I must of hit some pretty deep sleep as Deb informed me that apparently some old lady swatted me for snoring.  My bad. I was pretty sore when I woke up, particularly walking down the stairs, but the legs always seems to loosen up once you get back on the trail.


Breakfast was solid with bread, jelly, butter, honey, and something like Nutella.  Italian coffee for the win. Deb and I hit the Alta Via 2 around the usual time and the hike up to Rifugio Boe was all uphill, but not too bad.  This was our 4 th day on the trail and we were fully acclimatized by this point, which really helped.  When we got to Rifugio Boe, we had a snack (meat plate, pecorino cheese, bread/crackers, and pickles) and I fed my fruit tea addiction. Some of the rifugios are pretty remote and don’t see as much traffic as the easier accessed locations.

I believe it’s customary to try to buy something at these types of rifugios so they can continue to operate and provide the amazing support to hikers / alpinists they do. In summary, the more fruit tea, the better. As a huge fan of great views, I coerced Deb in doing an extension trail to hike up to Piz Boe. This was the steepest terrain we saw yet along with a lot of loose scree.  It was a bit rough, but the views were incredible and in my opinion, worth it.


On the way down from Piz Boe, I had the pleasure of photographing an elderly group that could not have been more excited for me take their picture. Using one of few Italian words I knew, ‘Formaggio’ received an outcry of laughter from the group and they seemed happy with their photos. Deb caught up, saw this group laughing at me, and just shook her head. ‘John, funniest guy he knows!’

After we descended Piz Boe, we opted to take the cable car down, def worth it. Once we made it down to Passo Pordoi, we ate lun ch at Hotel Savoia. They had a nice outdoor seating area where Deb and I inhaled a couple pizzas. I went with a salami (aka pepperoni) pizza that was killer.  I probably didn't need to eat it all, but I like food.

With tacking on the side trip to Piz Boe, that made the last couple hours of the hike a bit enduring, particularly the last downhill. You had a view of the Marmolada Glacier the majority of the time, which was pretty breathtaking, particularly is grand scale. There were sections that looked like 4,000 ft sheer granite walls.


After a long day of hiking, we made it to Rifugio Castiglioni and it was dope.  It was a large Victorian styled mansion with some nice upgrades. Deb and I scored our own room and made it in time before lines formed for the showers.  The food here was also solid.  I had a pasta starter and my entrée or secondi piati consisted of pork, peas, and potatoes. I also got a surprise gift of blueberry and vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce.  Who doesn’t like presents! Deb had veggie soup and polenta with a bechemel sauce.  I have to give a shoutout to the super nice staff here as well.  Although it goes against the whole idea of taking a break from technology, it was nice to have Wifi to minimally stay on top of life a bit. I hope their big shaggy dog lives forever, he’s chill and adds one more level of hominess to the place.

Joing us next time for part V of John & Deb's adventure!

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