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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 _ Waterfalls for Days

After a great night’s sleep, Deb and I started our day with an Icelandic buffet breakfast at Bella Apartments. It was good, but not as good as the ‘Buffet of Dreams’ at Hotel Odinsve . We stopped by the local bakery next door and grabbed fresh bread, cheese, and ham to take with us on our journey heading counter-clockwise around the perimeter of Iceland. Backtracking a bit from Selfoss, our first stop was a hot springs river hike that started in the town of Hveragerdi. 

There’s a hot spring that mixes with a river that creates a 100-meter long hot spring. I’m not sure what the temperature was closer to the actual hot spring, but as more snow melt springs flow into the river, it cools off quite quickly downstream making it marginally warm in comparison to the freezing outside temp. Starting from the parking lot at the end of the gravel road, it took us approximately 75 minutes to hike uphill to the hot spring river. The trail was pretty muddy, so you’ll want to bring boots. There are various changing areas there along the wooden planked walkways with space to store your gear.


Once we were done with the hike, we headed back to Selfoss to grab some coffee at the bookstore, Bokakaffid, home of a darn good cappuccino. From there, we continued along Route 1 heading East to start our tour of waterfalls. Our first stop was Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, which is visible from the road. There is one main waterfall there (shown below), which you can walk completely behind. If you continue hiking left of the waterfall, there are another couple waterfalls with the last one being Deb and I’s favorite. Make sure you hike through the cave that leads to the waterfall pool. It’s worth balancing on the stones or walking through the water to make your way back there.



Continuing East, our next stop was Skogafoss Waterfall, which was also visible from Route 1. It’s worth the hike to the top up the mountain of stairs to take in the view. After a long and chilly travel day, we got to our remote lodge outside of Vik called Lambafell ( Overall, this lodge was a pretty cool spot in a great location, but unfortunately our bathroom smelled pretty bad, which took away from the experience a bit. For dinner, Deb and I contemplated stopping at one of the markets nearby to save some money, but our desire for a warm meal led us to Hotel Anna ( In short, this place was nothing short of AMAZING. The service, the food, and ambiance were all top notch. 

This place is worth going out of your way for after a day of sightseeing.