Places to go in Chicago

Amazing, almost hidden spot in the west loop known for some of the best bbq in the city. Ordering is cafeteria style and you get to watch the pit masters carve your meat right in front of you. Don’t forget the macaroni salad or potato salad. They also have a full service bar with great craft beer selections. Interesting and lively space is even great just to grab a drink at.

Green Street Smoked Meats

This place has the best Chinese food in the city! Mixes a great blend of authentic Chinese dishes with basic favorites. It’s amazing what the results can be when people take the time to make Chinese food from scratch. The deliver as well!

Duck Duck Goat

Very eclectic cozy spot with amazing cocktails. Menu is very inventive with a wide variety of small plates and a few large shareable entrées. Great for groups!


We walked up to this new spot in Wicker Park for brunch today -- really creative veggie focused dishes (try the smoked maple carrots as a side) and amazing wine list 🙋🏻🙌🏻

Clever Rabbit

The best old fashion in the city 🙋🏻🥃 -- simple, classic French menu and such a cute spot 🙌🏻

Maude's Liquor Bar

A very unique restaurant with a wide variety of elevated street food and even better craft cocktails. They also have a great private room for parties of 8 or more (includes a private water closet).


One of my favorite Mexican restaurants/bars. In the awesome wicker park neighborhood. Fantastic food and extra cold Tecates. Toss a margarita in there too for good measure. The outdoor seating is where it's at here, but often in high demand.

Big Star

What's better than one dawg? Two dawgs. Great stop when you're on the go - grab a Chicago Dawg and then check out the menu for other creative options. The bacon cheddar dawg will surely do the trick.

Devil Dawgs on Sheffield

Small, hidden spot perfect for some tunes of your choosing. Piano bar that accepts requests, so be sure to pick some crowd pleasers to sing along. Oasis - "Wonderwall" surely won't disappoint.

Zebra Lounge

Incredible jazz/funk scene here. Two different stages with a line up of lots of talented artists. Usually a cover here, but well worth it. Bring your dancing shoes and stay late.

Kingston Mines