The Alhambra Palace is by far the coolest palace I've ever visited. 🏰It's like a city within a city and I found myself wandering the gardens and Moorish buildings for 3.5 hours! A must see if you visit Granada!


Has great coffee!

Los Infantes

Awesome coffee

Los Infantes

Love it!


I was actually super surprised by how much Granada reminded me of Morocco or Turkey


The ham in here is amazing!

Bar Ávila

Bar Ávila
Nice place

Vega - Foodie Bar

Looking for a nice cold brewed coffee!
Any good pizza place in town? Thanks!
this place it's pretty nice for an afternoon of work, decent wifi, very good (and amazingly cheap) coffee. It has dozens of cereal types and milk options, even gluten free

Cereal Planet - Café & Coworking

I'm looking for a nice vegetarian restaurant
Any good Italian pasta place?
this place it's amazing...there are also plenty of places to by excellent food around it

playa el cañuelo

Any nice working cafes?
the food in this place it's insane! so good, you have to try the fried octopus with rice flour

El Pulguilla

This place is a local's spot. The ham it's amazing and very cheap. 3 bucks gets a beer and a tapa.

Bar Ávila II

Bar Ávila II
this is a very local place to go for tapas, ask for the Jamon Asado.

Bar Ávila II

Bar Ávila II
Pretty average bar but plays soccer games, has beer and plays good music. Good spot for certain occasions to just kick back and watch soccer with a beer or two 👍

Sherlock Holmes

Old Moorish shipyard turned daily market slinging fresh fish, meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies. There's even some tables surrounding the space where you can plop down and enjoy a cold beverage after picking up your groceries.

Mercado Central Atarazanas

Hip bar with a nice outdoor area to drink and catch up with the friends. The interior is pretty funky in a good way -- has a unique design, plenty of bar stools and even a couch to lounge. I was there for an hour around 7pm on a Friday and wasn't too busy yet. I was able to sip a couple glasses of wine and read a book in peace! Would love to go back to when it's busier too 💯

El apartamento Gastrobar