Places to go in Mammoth Lakes

Hungry but don’t want to break the bank? Drop into Base Camp before hitting the slopes or setting out on a hike. The food is awesome and the small restaurant has a cool mountain vibe. While they have great coffee, check out Black Velvet Coffee a few doors down if you’re a connoisseur.

Base Camp Cafe

Good food and happy hour vibe but that’s not why you go here. This is where the late night Ski village party goes down. They clear the tables around 9 and the DJ is cranking by 10.


Beautiful views and a must see during your trip to the valley

Lower Yosemite Falls

The traffic in Yosemite Village was the only downside to the park

Yosemite Village

Upper Yosemite Falls

Upper Yosemite Falls

As you near the top of Vernal Falls, the trail also turns much steeper and the hike is slow with the crowd.

Vernal Falls

I was told the falls are so powerful and the wind so strong that the spray drenches you on the hike up.  The stories are true!

Nevada Falls

The campsite has a general store, potable water, individual fire pits, and is located on the Merced River near a sandy beach. Only $125

Housekeeping Camp

It seemed like families stay there from days to weeks straight, and enjoy biking, hiking, floating down the river, and cooking around a campfire

merced river trail head

Super cheap, has restrooms, and is a quiet place to enjoy nature and meet fellow hikers.  It should be noted though that Backpacker's goes by its name; stays are limited to one night so a backpack is really all the belongings you should bring

Backpacker's Campground