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You can hardly walk three feet in Capri without seeing an Antica Sartoria shop — they are literally everywhere (on Positano too). Because of this, you’ll end up seeing pretty much everyone on the island rocking one of their bright, breezy pieces, but they’re actually really cute. The stores can seem overwhelming at first — the clothes are all kinds of crazy colors and prints, and they’re terrifyingly disorganized — but there are a few real winning pieces if you’re willing to dig (and try on).

Antica Sartoria - Capri

Come to Blu for the clothes, stay for owner Antonio Arcucci who sits at the front of the shop has strong opinions about fashion and interesting stories to tell. The well-curated boutique has a wide range unique clothing and accessories options that you’ll be unlikely to see anyone else wearing (outside of Capri, at least) and a pretty major sale section that’s worth scavenging at the end of the season. Featured designers range from Jil Sander and Dries Van Noten to lesser known names like Milan’s Cappucci and one of Arcucci’s favorites, Israeli designer Dodo Baror (whose designs are pictured above)

Blu - Boutique Di Arcucci Antonio

Shopping at Sud made me feel like I was in an NYC boutique that had somehow been transported to Italy. There were great selections of clothing and accessories by designers from all over the world, and I fell in love with a fur coat I still regret not buying.

Sud Capri

If you’re looking to get sandals made while you’re in Capri (which, BTW, you should definitely do), Fiore has a great selection of leather and embellishments, which means you can DIY to your heart’s desire. Their clothing selection is primarily couture from Italian designers, and is of course beautiful but $$$.

Fiore Capri S.R.L.