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Remember the place on Nerano I mentioned ^^^? Well, this is it, and it was hands down the best dining experience I’ve ever had in my life. It’s accessible by boat, and the entire restaurant is surrounded by the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea… Which obviously means that the seafood is hella fresh. We had a raw plate that was to die for (I’m pretty sure I ate sea urchin that was still alive, or at the very least plucked from the ocean minutes before it went into my mouth), vegetables straight from the garden and two servings of home-made pasta. Safe to say I looked a little less like Jessica Alba in my bathing suit than I would have liked after lunch, but it was worth it.

Hotel Lo Scoglio

Annnnd another restaurant that we tried to go to, though it didn’t quite work out. I was originally hesitant to recommend Ristorante Mammà because we made a reservation and were then left waiting for our table for 45 minutes (hence why we left and didn’t end up actually eating here…) but the pizza looked so good I’m still thinking about it three weeks later. It’s a pretty fancy spot that has more modern vibes than what you’d probably expect from Capri, and is headed up by Michelin starred chef Salvatore La Ragione. There’s a tasting menu and an a la carte option, both of which are supposed to be 🔥.


As one of the oldest restaurants in Capri, you’re pretty much guaranteed a spectacular meal at La Capannina. The staff is overwhelmingly nice, and everything we put in our mouths, from the Octopus Carpaccio to the Ravioli (which, BTW, is famous) was absolutely delicious. This spot is low key and tucked away, and the perfect place for an early, no-frills dinner with great food.

Ristorante La Capannina

Another spot where we couldn’t get a reservation (note to self: be better at planning ahead), but this is the highest rated restaurant on the island. Da Paolino is located in a garden full of of lemon trees, the menu and the view are exactly what you would want in a romantic, elegant dinner in Capri. Everything from the pasta to the fish is made with fresh ingredients, and everyone I’ve spoken to swears this is a meal that won’t disappoint.

Da Paolino Restaurant

When people found out I was in Capri (thanks, Instagram) I got a barrage of messages all urging me to go to La Fontelina. Apparently, it’s the bougiest of beach clubs, where you can lay out and drink rosé all day without a care in the world. Sadly, I couldn’t get a reservation because we tried to book only a day in advance (or because I’m a #loser), but I’m including it on this list because so many other fabulous people told me it was amazing. Like everything in Capri, it’s a little pricey: 25Euro for entry and a chair, 13Euro for an umbrella and 8Euro for a towel. Maybe it’s for the best that I didn’t blow my entire paycheck here.

Restaurant Fontelina