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5$ glass of wine in NYC, that deserves to be celebrated 🍷🍷

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Great place to get your fall #cocktails 🍸

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Great food. Get the Lamb Merguez. You have to make a reservation.

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On the list of #nightlife places for Williamsburg.

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One of our favorite #cocktail places in the area 🍸

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Another Williamsburg cocktail and winebar, but this one has plenty of space. Head here with bigger groups / if you can't find a seat anywhere else

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Perfect bar for a fun night out. The first floor is like a cozy living room that gives off a house party vibe, but the real gem is the outdoor deck that you'll find if you climb the stairwell in the back. They have plenty of elaborate cocktails if you want something fancy

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Cocktail spot with drinks and decor to impress. There's some outdoor seating if you're lucky enough to head there in the summer. Otherwise, head inside for an old-time speakeasy feel. Limited seating, so head there early if possible

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Great little place tucked away on 24th St and Tenth Ave. Nice and cozy.

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This no frills bar and fun, indie music venue is perfect for any night of the week. There’s a taco truck stationed in the patio if you need a bit

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