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Very cool cafe with world music, tasty coffee and an awesome skylight to help you get some vitamin D in the winter. Heads up - all the positives bring a big crowd and high prices

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Adding this Astoria gem to my #cafecoworking and #outdoorpatio lists

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250 person music venue with great indie acts. Check the calendar to find your go-to band. If you find yourself near here during the day, definitely stop in to browse the CD and vinyl collection

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Another all-star cafe in South Slope with great coffee and breakfast. Be sure to chat with the owners! They always bring the cheer

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Added to South Slope 👨‍💻 space. Plenty of tables and space, fast Wi-Fi, good coffee ✔️

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Amazing vibes and decor. Love the food. Very good ambiance and feels like “home.”

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Go-to easy morning weekend meal

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BEST new coffee shop in NYC. Super friendly staff, European vibes, tons of Italian pastries, and a cacio e pepe egg sandwich to die for. Excellent espresso drinks, and do not leave without trying the granita (a frozen espresso and whipped cream delight).

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Sleek new(ish) coffee shop in the union square area, has killer cruller style donuts that come in multiple glazed/ flavors. Espresso drinks are on point. Everything seasoned croissant stuffed with cream cheese is a game changer. They also have breakfast and lunch sandwich options.

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Checks the boxes on all the trends, has avo toast, beautiful latte art, and carries fun takeaways like DŌ cookie dough and Dani's cakes in a jar. Also has a s'mores skillet dip if you have the time to sit down and enjoy it.

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