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They’ll always reign supreme for their pork buns, but try the corn! Unexpected 💯 corn on the cob with squid ink 🔥

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So impressed and pleased with this relatively casual seafood spot in the heart of chelsea. Kale salad and seared fish tacos for the slightly healthy but still delicious win 🎣

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Yummy plant #vegan bowls

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Great Hawaiian restaurant. Very great menu and overall a great place.

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Absolute 💎, a Korean restaurant on my old, quiet street in Greenpoint BK. I always went with the chicken bibimbap in a sizzling stone bowl 🍲 and it was 💣. Wash it down with an IPA and you’re feeling great ✊️. #koreanfood #bibimbap

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Incredible food here as long as you like pizza or calzones (they’re the only options on the menu). It’s byob so come prepared! No reservations - I put our name in at 5:30pm and was seated at 8:30pm, so be prepared to explore the neighborhood while you wait

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Casual spot for Korean BBQ and crepes in Jersey City. Do it 💯

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New Izakaya in flatiron iron. Great food, great service 🥂

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Great #ramen spot 🍜

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This place and the bar next door (Spuyten Duyvil) share the best backyard in the area.

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