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This place is big thyme. Bet no ones ever used that joke before ✊️. Get the 47 sandwich 🥪 with fries 🍟

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Cold brew ☕️ with a dash of milk 🥛 and vibes 😎. One of the coolest designed coffee shops in SD IMHO

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Breakfast burrito a day 🍳 🌯...good for a sit-down meal or takeaway 💯

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Afternoon cappuccino ☕️ and 📖 in a modern, bright space with patio seating.

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Egg 🍳 cheddar 🧀 tomato 🍅 and cracked pepper on everything bagel + the “love potion” coffee ☕️. 💯out of 💯and gets your Saturday morning started right

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Delicious ☕️ in a small place tucked away off the sidewalk. If you’re not looking for it, you’ll miss it 💯

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The Bean Bar cold brew gets ya buzzed ❄️ ☕️

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Big fan of Sunday late afternoon ☕️ here. Great vibe and music 🎶 playing, full of people reading 📖, doing work 👨‍💻👩‍💻, or chatting away. Perfect way to end the weekend.

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Spotted: a new pop-up location of Achilles Coffee (flagship in Cortez Hill). They’re trying out a few concepts, and this B street location let’s you walk up to their outdoor counter and enjoy your ☕️ on their sidewalk patio. Love the coffee and the baristas are always super friendly. #sidewalkcoffee

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Iced coffee to-go ☕️ 💯. This place offers a 30oz sized java which is too big IMO but I respect the hustle 💪

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