Places to go in Selfoss

Had an incredible Sunday brunch at this spot in old Reykjavik. Their blueberry pancakes were the best I've had. Don't miss this spot for brunch.

The Coocoo's Nest

Don't miss this soup spot. Only two soups to chose from but you won't be sorry. We Had both the Hungarian beef soup and the cream of mushroom.

Svarta Kaffið

Sat outside during happy hour for a few drinks and avocado fries. Great place to hang with the locals on the weekend.

Sæta Svínið Gastropub

Stayed at this new boutique hotel for 3 days and was extremely happy with it. Right in the middle of Reykjavik with plenty of bars and restaurants. Would definitely stay here again.


This was one of the best historical museums I have been to.  It provides what I felt was a legitimate summation about the history of the country that I wish I would have known more about prior to our exploration.  I would recommend checking this out early in your trip as it will add a much better perspective.

National Museum of Iceland

This is one of the more popular bars in Reykjavik.  The bar scene starts late, kicking off around midnight and runs late.  DJ played some great disco tunes.  


We had a 7pm reservation. It is located towards Keflavic Airport approximately 40 minutes’ drive from downtown Reykjavik. We only booked this a week in advance, which made it a little more expensive and limited our entry time. So, book this AT LEAST two weeks ahead of time to save some money and add flexibility. We took our rental car, but there are buses that head to the Blue Lagoon as well. Deb and I stayed for 2 – 3 hours and one of us took full advantage of our 4 drink maximum at the outdoor bar. Deb indulged in one of the skin treatment options that they have at the lagoon as well. Although we didn’t find out until after, they have small, clear, waterproof bags you can rent if you want to bring your phone out to the lagoon. Overall, there were a good amount of people there, but you can wander around and find your own spot to get away from the crowds.

Blue Lagoon

Although I’m way too old to be watching Sesame Street, I’m still a fan of Cookie Monster, which made this a mandatory stop.  The split pea soup, tea, and cheesecake hit the spot.

C is for Cookie

Famous hot dog stand.  I recommend getting your dogs fully loaded with the brown sauce, white sauce, and onions.  

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

In short, this restaurant was nothing short of AMAZING.  The service, the food, and ambiance were all top notch.  This place is worth going out of your way for after a day of sightseeing

Hotel Anna