restaurant in Village at Columbia Shores, Vancouver

Phone: (360) 696-0308

Website: www.burgerville.com

Address: 2200 E Fourth Plain Blvd

In an effort to improve our service, we encourage your comments about our company, restaurant and website. Please send us your suggestions. To share feedback about your experience, please Click Here To Submit Your Comments. NW artists interested in being considered for air play should submit CDs to BV Radio c/o Burgerville, LLC at the address above. Please note, materials submitted will not be returned. By submitting material, you are authorizing BV Radio to play submissions if selected. Please note: Any unsolicited marketing/advertising materials and/or creative concepts will not be considered by Burgerville and will be disposed of upon receipt. We respectfully request that these materials not be sent to us.

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Menu Excerpt

Maybe it’s because we have the bounty of the Pacific Northwest in our backyard, but we’ve always taken a different approach to fast food. From flavors unique to the region to special menu items that change with the seasons, our menu is always filled ...