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try us for free Hardcore Fitness is more than just a gym. We are a supportive and motivational community that welcomes all new members with open arms. Whether you are an athlete looking to step up your game or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, you’ll feel at home and be pushed to your personal best in each class. The energy of the classes paired with the top-of- the-line sound system as well as motivation and experience of the trainer on the mic make for a workout experience like no other. We’ve got your back with a solution for your weight training, cardio, core, nutrition, motivation, and even accountability!We hear all the time that people heard about how amazing Hardcore Fitness was and had seen the amazing results, but were too intimidated or afraid to take the leap and give it a try. After their first time in the gym, that went out the window and they wished they had come in sooner!From the time you walk into the gym and talk to staff and members to your first class with the trainers and the people working out around you, you quickly see that this is a true fit family and we are all about encouragement. The people you would normally be intimidated by because they were in great shape are the first ones to offer help and give you encouragement or motivation through the workouts. It becomes so contagious that before you know it that person encouraging others will be you!This is what makes HCF so great!Hardcore Fitness was founded in 2007 by Larry and Nadia Nolan. The program began as an outdoor boot camp led by Larry, and his only two clients were his girlfriend, Nadia, and his mother, Vicky. Larry had been a trainer since he was 16 years old, being certified by pretty much every institution and working at every corporate gym. After years of seeing gyms’ sole focus being profits, with no concern for clients’ wellbeing or results, he decided to go off on his own and build the gym that he saw in his mind’s eye. The new gym focused on every aspect of the clients’ experience, from the atmosphere and culture, to accountability and results.Nadia started off as Larry’s client, but her passion for training and the Hardcore Fitness clients quickly grew and drove her to quit her finance job and devote herself fulltime to HCF.With the two of them working side by side and focusing entirely on the clients first and foremost, they had great results and happy clients to show for it. Neither Larry nor Nadia were very business savvy, so there was never a surge of clients or major expansion; rather, the program grew one client at a time as people would see their friend, neighbor, or family member’s amazing results and hear them raving about their great experience at HCF, and come to check it out themselves. After years of being in the park, the program finally grew to a small 1,800 sq ft indoor facility, which it quickly outgrew into its current 11,000 sq ft facility. Since 2007, Hardcore Fitness has been voted best gym, best boot camp, best personal trainers, even one of the top gyms in the US, and expanded to locations from Santa Clarita, California to Orlando, Florida. Despite this growth, the gyms’ main focus remains the clients. Each gym that has opened has been in partnership with one of our trainers, clients, or staff members that has fallen in love with the Hardcore way and promised to bring the same love and attention to the new location that Larry and Nadia brought to the original. With this approach, you can always be assured to walk into any Hardcore Fitness and feel welcome, get a great workout, and have the support you’re looking for in all ways! Along the way, Larry and Nadia also competed in fitness, turned professional, competed for a world title, started a supplement line, got married, and have two chogs (dog children), but at the end of the day you’ll still see them daily at the original Santa Clarita location doing what they love with a lot of the same clients who began this journey with them back at the park.Tommy Reynolds is the co-Founder of Hardcore Nutrition – a thriving supplement company, and Owner of Hardcore Fitness San Diego Region (currently 3 locations). He is committed to reaching as many clients as possible (in San Diego and beyond) and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. Tommy believes that health and fitness is the path toward gaining confidence not only physically, but mentally.Tommy moved to San Diego from Sacramento to attend San Diego State University in 2000. He graduated in 2005 with a Real Estate Finance degree. After a few years, he realized that fitness, not finance, was his true calling. He started training clients in 2009 as he prepared for his first NPC bodybuilding show. Since then he has competed in 15 NPC shows and has placed top 5 in all of them. He has also helped dozens of athletes prep for NPC contests with consistent high placings and even overall wins. In addition to taking competitors to the stage through strength and nutritional coaching, he also has numerous lifestyle clients.Tommy played sports from the age of 6 until he graduated high school in 2000. This is when he found his love for the gym and weight training. He bought his first gym membership in 2000 and now can’t wait to train you at Hardcore Fitness.Being an athlete my whole life, stepping into the fitness industry seemed like the perfect fit. Transitioning from red shirting for the SDSU basketball team in 2006, I needed a new challenge and found a new passion in weight lifting. I took it a step further and became a certified personal trainer beginning at 24 Hour Fitness and doing beach bootcamps. I’ve been fortunate to take it a step further and compete at the national level in the NPC as a men’s physique competitor.My new found passion and knowledge for fitness is something that I enjoy sharing with others around me allowing them to grow and develop within their own fitness journey. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world as it’s not a job, it’s just “another day in paradise” as I like to tell people.“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”My name is Conrad Wehrley. NASM certified. I’ve been involved in sports for 24 years and fitness for 16 years. I was born in the Bay Area and raised in Washington. Hobbies are playing all sports, surfing, reading, and fitness. I’m very passionate about people and look forward to playing a role in achieving your fitness goals.My name is Anthony Castaneda. It’s a pleasure to be part of the Hardcore Fitness community. I’ve always had an intense passion for fitness so it was a no brainer to choose the profession as a personal trainer.  I served 4 1/2 years in the U.S. Navy as a weapons specialist as well as command fitness coordinator so I got a taste of what the personal training fitness community was all about. I have an Associates Degree in Kinesiology as well as a couple of ACE certifications. I’m finishing up my bachelors in applied exercise science this year. I’ve been a trainer for 3 years now and I love every second of my job. I’ve done about 7 men’s physique competitions in the past 3 years. I enjoy competing.  I learn something new about myself each and every time I embark on one of those show preparations. When I’m not training clients or myself, I enjoy riding motorcycles, training in various martial arts, and reading.A San Diego native and currently SDSU aztec, Marel is a 21 year old NASM certified trainer. After playing competitive soccer growing up, Marel eventually felt burnt out and let fitness fall lower on her priority list after going to live in the dorms at SDSU. After completing her first year at school she was ready for a change and had a friend recommend owner of Hardcore Fitness Tommy Reynolds, so she contacted him and the rest is history. At 19 years old, Tommy helped Marel lose 35 pounds and compete in her firstNPC figure competition where she placed top 5. After experiencing such a dramatic lifestyle change and gaining the confidence she felt she always lacked, Marel continued on to get certified as a trainer to help others achieve what she was fortunate to have experienced after getting into fitness. Marel then competed in her second figure competition one year later and began coaching a 8 year old competitive soccer team. After rekindling her love for soccer she took a semester off to play at Grossmont community college where she won Offensive Player of the Year and made First Team All League. Coincidently soon after got in contact with Tommy once again and took a position as a trainer for Hardcore Fitness. She couldn't be more excited to be a part of a gym that has a community that is truly unbeatable when it comes to support, dedication, and a love for #GoingHard.Certified A.R.T. Practitioner, NASM CPT, B.S. Kinesiology San Diego State University “If you don’t want to quit, you’re not working hard enough. Champions push through.” Matt LaMar’s workouts are unlike any other. You will leave inspired and pushed farther than ever expected. His love for fitness stemmed at a young age through athletics and has grown into a passion for inspiring and healing others. Along with being a group and personal trainer at Hardcore Fitness, Matt is also certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.). This, as well as his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, has given him advanced knowledge of the body to help people in and out of the gym.My name is William Schulte and I have been in the fitness industry and doing what I love for over 7 years. I started out as an athlete in school and from there my obsession for this world took off – something about the human body, its movement, and learning what we are truly capable of intrigues me. After high school I moved to SanDiego where I attended the National Personal Training Institution and studied exercise physiology and nutrition, scoring in the top 3 overall on all exit exams. I am very passionate about what I do and have helped clients of all types reach there goals and then some. Over the duration of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a large list of training styles and I use all these types of methodology regularly. This allows me to cater to any individual, from your most common weight loss client to sports specific training for athletes.We offer more class times than other boot campsBoot camp focuses on one or more muscle groups per day and mixes in cardio, core, and functional movements for a great workout each and every class. Utilizing a variety of equipment no other group training program offers as well as a motivating community, boot camp is the solution for anyone intimidated by lifting weights or simply looking to step up their current routine. With an experienced trainer demonstrating the movements as well as making sure your form is correct, you can count on an effective workout that will leave you sore the next day! If you’ve been looking for a solution to tone up those problem areas or build up those low points, look no further because boot camp is your solution!Fight camp simulates the same type of workouts those amazing athletes go through in their training camps before each fight to get them in peak condition. This class utilizes some of the same equipment and programming utilizing heavy bags, assault air bikes, water rowers, battle ropes, slam balls, kettle bells and more, all while displaying your heart rate on LCD TVs around the room! Prepare to max out your calorie burn as well as get a hit of abs during each class as well. This is a fast-paced, high intensity, cardio-based class, maximizing the benefits of HIIT, Tabatta, and circuit training. If you’re looking for the most fun, functional, and effective calorie-torching workout, you just found it!

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