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mmm-yoso!!!, a blog about food and the various ways to get to the food.  Kirk is working late today and Ed (from Yuma) has had some long days, even in retirement.  Cathy is writing this post. Yes, it is October and the 2016 San Diego County Fair culminated on July 4 with fireworks.  Two other posts were written- before the opening of the Fair and one while it was open. Today's post is a compilation of some displays, events and foods which weren't written about, (plus a note about the theme of the 2017 San Diego County Fair at the end of this post). 1,609,481 people attended the 2016 San Diego County Fair, which was open 26 days this year. There were 4,187 different attractions and exhibits. Concerts, festivals, entertainment, contests and shopping were available each day within walking distance. There were special dinners, one Farm to Table and some special Sunday 'Tea Time' events. There were also some 'over 21' festivals: Toast of the Coast Wine Competition (which had 929 guests at two tasting sessions), the San Diego International Beer Festival (had over 8,500 guests over three days) and Distilled: Spirit and Cocktail Festival (1,033 gusts in one day). When you walk through the Main entrance, to the right always is the building highlighting the Fair Theme.  Since this year was a combination of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with steampunk influences...well there was a lot to see and do inside this building. During the Fair, livestock were judged and the winners were auctioned on July 3 (so they could be removed from the Fair site before fireworks on July 4). The non-ribbon winners are also sold at this time and overall, $432,031 was raised for scholarships for 4H and FFA students, who were both happy and sad to see their work appreciated and their animals leave on this day. There were so many food items I did not mention. The 'Grilled Cheese A-Fair' booth is a sometimes choice for us.  This year we tried a 'breakfast' - ham, eggs and cheese on a waffle, served with 'syrup'. It was very nice and gave us ideas for some special breakfasts at home. Each day we visit the Fair, there is usually one meal of fried something and this day it was clam strips with zucchini.  Properly made and not greasy. Then there was the day when we just had to try the "French Toast Bacon Bombs" from the 'Bacon A-Fair' booth. Cinnamon bread dough filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon then fried...topped with whipped cream, just because. These were good and four were quite enough for the two of us.    We always stop at Roxy's, a booth run by a local restaurant (almost always ordering an artichoke or falafel sandwich) and this year a new selection- an eggplant sandwich-was offered. Thick slices of fresh eggplant, lightly crunch (cornmeal?) breaded and fried, topped with Parmesan cheese and a nice red sauce all served on the toasted fresh whole grain rolls with a salad.  This was great. Then I noticed a pattern. One day, I wanted a sweet and the 'apple fries' signage at the 'Mexican Funnel Cake' booth caught my eye. These were a tart (maybe green) apple, sliced into 'french fry' shapes, lightly dusted with flour, fried, then rolled lightly in a fine sugar with just a touch of cinnamon and served with whipped cream- just delightful! Another day, I was looking at the menu board at the 'Chuck Wagon' booth and noticed at the very bottom right  'deep fried cinnamon apple rings', so that was all we ordered (bad photo, since the Chuck Wagon area is covered with red tarp, but nice to eat here because it is always nice to be out of direct sunlight). These apples still had a skin on (red) and more batter, were dipped in a cinnamon sugar and also served with whipped cream.  Completely different with the same basic components and good, really good.  There was another day when I wanted apples again.  The "Apple Tower' booth on the midway had a short line.  Red and green apple slices, warm caramel, nuts and whipped cream...so good and such a different way to have apples at the Fair. I think this Fair was a bit more fun because of all the characters walking around the Fairgrounds, greeting people, posing with them for photos, or just taking a break, like the rest of us. I held off with this summary, not wanting to overwhelm you immediately after nor during the summer. Yesterday the 22nd Agricultural District announced the theme of the 2017 San Diego County Fair.

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