Lone Star Steakhouse

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Come out and enjoy great steak and food at Lone Star Steakhouse. Check out our menu and daily specials. Find a location near you and dine today.

Phone: (304) 926-8459

Website: www.lonestarsteakhouse.com

Address: 6515 Maccorkle Ave SE

Long before there were big brands - on the sides of your shoes and grills on your cars - there were small brands. No bigger than a few inches wide. Forged in steel, heated with fire and seared into the hind of cattle. A brand stood for the quality of product and a consistent commitment to excellence. Bottom line. A good brand stands for trust. Lone Star Steakhouse carries on this tradition as America’s trusted brand for quality Texas-style dining delivered with a big Texas value. We stake our reputation on steak, but we also cook-up some mean chicken, salmon and ribs - delicious burgers, sandwiches, salads and sides to boot. We serve everything with a genuine smile. When you have a big heart, you don’t need to stick to a script. Corporate Offices: Alamo LS, LLC 120 Chula Vista Hollywood Park, TX, 78232 (210) 403-3725

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