Madam Mam

restaurant in Tanglewood Forest, Shady Hollow

Phone: (512) 366-5859


Address: 9911 Brodie Ln

The soul of Madam Mam’s is based on many generations of devotion to Thai culinary excellence. Chatfuang, or “Mam” as she’s known by friends, grew up cooking and learning the culinary arts at the side of her grandmother (an acknowledged master of both Royal and family-style Thai cuisine) in their Bangkok kitchen. In Thailand, daughters learn to cook from their maternal relatives, so Mam’s grandmother learned her skills from her mother and grandmother, and so on, down the line of their ancestry. As Mam grew, she quickly gained a solid reputation among her family and friends as a wizard at the stove. She went on to be a restauranteur in Bangkok, and in later years, she wrote culinary critiques for Thai newspapers. In 2001, Mam came to Austin and opened a Thai restaurant based on the incredible dishes and cooking style of her maternal ancestors. Mam’s menu exhibits a dedication to the freshest of ingredients and the very essence of true Thai taste. Shortcuts are never taken and compromises of any kind are never allowed. Her menu selection is a reflection of primarily family-style Thai cuisine, based on culinary knowledge and methods that are generations old. Culinary critics rave about the authenticity and quality of the food, boasting that the food at Mam’s is as good or better than that which could be had in the homeland. Mam prides herself on the taste, quality, portions and price of her food, and strives to provide her customers with fast, friendly and efficient services in a welcoming atmosphere.

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Menu Excerpt

** No MSG added in our food Deep fried spring rolls stuffed with bean thread noodle, green cabbage, bamboo shoot, fungus mushroom, and spices. Served with sweet & sour sauce. Rice paper stuffed with rice vermicelli, vegetables, basil and mint leave...