Mel's Diner

restaurant in Southern Shores

In the mid-1950s California became the state with the highest rate of car ownership in the nation. Weiss and Dobbs began expanding the San Francisco car service concept restaurant into a successful chain. By 1954 the Mels franchise was pulling in about $4 million annually. Weiss estimated they were cooking up 15-20,000 hamburgers a day. Mels became a fixture of contemporary life, with bright neon lighting, carhops, and a pre-fast food menu. In the 1950s and 60s you could find one or more Mels drive-ins throughout Northern California, locations stretched from San Francisco to Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, San Jose, Walnut Creek and Salinas.

Phone: (252) 457-1010


Address: 6684 Caratoke Hwy

Menu Excerpt

with vanilla ice cream and strawberries, whip cream, and peanuts on top, served family style chocolate, pineapple or strawberry • with nuts & whipped cream • black & white - marshmallow & chocolate syrup • hot fudge, caramel or marshmallow