Pita Gourmet

restaurant in Niagara Falls

Pita Gourmet offers Fresh Pita Sandwiches, Authentic Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine in the Buffalo and Western New York areas.

Phone: (716) 298-8015

Website: www.eatpitagourmet.com

Address: 1930 Military Rd

Pita Gourmet is a unique eatery serving customized sandwiches and platters all based on popular Mediterranean and Buffalo concepts. We pride our selves in fresh ingredients, fast and friendly service, and dedication to our craft. All of our sauces, spreads, and falafel are made in house as well as the cutting and marinating of our meats. We do not believe in cutting corners or shortcuts, therefore all of our food is prepared directly in front of customers ensuring the customers a fresh, fast, and delicious meal. Our Mediterranean/American fusion concept allowed our creative culinary team to design unique menu items that are specific to Pita Gourmet and cannot be imitated. We are a locally owned and operated (family owned) company that takes tremendous pride in our craft as well as the Western New York community. We believe that success is measured in happiness, creating a clean, upbeat, and friendly atmosphere, to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal for our patrons should do the trick. We are not fast food, we are great food served fast, so stop in and EAT A PITA!! A chance meeting in the fall of 2004 with Samira Mahfouz and an anonymous food court vendor. For whatever reason Samira felt the need to tell her husband and four children about this place in Niagara Falls NY in a food court and how she thought it was perfect for the family at the time. One thing led to another and Pita Gourmet was born. March 1, 2005 Farrah Mahfouz, Monique Mahfouz, Joseph Mahfouz, and Mark Mahfouz along with the love and debt of their supportive parents Bechara and Samira Mahfouz. Nine months later the first employee was hired. People from all over Western New York and Southern Ontario would come back and tells us how good our gyros were and the positive feedback just kept coming. Soon we expanded the menu using all foods we grew up eating and creative additions. More positive feedback kept coming. Eight years later the only thing has changed is instead of one location there are now two

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Not sure what Tzatziki sauce is? Never hear of Baba Ghannouj? Click on any highlighted menu item on this page to learn what it is! All pitas listed are available in the The Pocket or The Wrap and are custom made to customers satisfaction, therefore ...