Sipz Vegetarian Cafe

cafe in Clairemont Mesa East, La Jolla

Phone: (858) 279-3747


Address: 5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Respecting the world, respecting the earth, respecting one another. Based on this philosophy, our continuing goal at Sipz is to promote a healthly vegetarian lifestyle by providing both healthy and tasty options at an affordable price. SipZ has its rootz in a small coffee/boba tea shop that opened n September 2002 by "Win" and Sylvia Le.  Since then this little sibling investment has doubled in size with many new dishes for our guests to enjoy.  Also, with the help of our long time fried and employee, Julie "Orange Duckee", Sipz has added a Vegan Sushi Bar with popular rollz such as "Caterpillar" and "Sipz Dynamite". Our menu is truly fuzion and 100% vegetarian. Not only are our dishes 100% vegetarian, most of our appetizers, entrees, and all of our desserts are vegan. We have a wide range of tasty Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes to choose from. Of course, a meal is not complete without dessert.  Don't forget to leave room for one of our delicious desserts!

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Menu Excerpt

We can customize for almost any occasion and budget. All entrees have a choice of "chicken", tofu, or all veggies. Eggplant sauteed in a vegan oyster sauce with carrots and bell peppers. A combination of carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, snow peas, an...